Finding your tribe/community - contacts and information

My absolute, number one priority for Taming Olivia is to help people living with OCD, and a huge part of that is getting the right information to the people who need it the most. I’ve been asked a lot recently about where I go for information, what has helped me the most, what books I’ve read, etc so I’m going to drop this here. ​These are some of the main places, people, charities and organisations that I’ve been to for help or information. Whether it’s to speak to someone or to read through websites and other materials, the following have all been really helpful. This list is by no means exhaustive and please, please, please if you know of something that could be added to it, or if you'd l

On being approached by the media.

*This is only a mini-post, written in response to something that I can see happening on social media at the moment. It's a short but important one.* UPDATE: Almost a year on from this post, I've learnt a bit more about this through my own growing experiences with the media. I've added an updated section to the end of this post. We all spend a lot of time encouraging each other to talk about our conditions, and to share experiences of living with OCD. We do this to stop people feeling alone, to give hope and to help with recovery. It makes me so proud to see the amazing conversations going on in our community. It's come to my attention recently that there is one group of people, in particular

London, UK

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