Growing Younger with Age

I'm really proud to say that this post was written exclusively for OCD UK. Please click here to read it. Whilst you're there please take a look around the site, it's been updated and holds LOADS of new helpful content!

Removing the Barriers to Recovery

It's just dawned on me that I haven't written about a project I’ve been working on for a while. One that is pretty much finished - only in need of maintaining - and one which has been central to my recovery. This is a post about some of the changes I’ve made to my home life and habits in order for me to better access my self-care and recovery routines. I promise you this is not going to turn into some sort of lifestyle blog, and although it is nice to have a lovely looking home, my motivation behind making the following alterations has been solely to help free up some time, energy and headspace so that I have more to invest in my own recovery and therapy exercises. I’m probably going to need

London, UK

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