Let's make some noise! Part II: The BBC News article.

Hi everyone! Here's the second part of this series. If you haven't read the article and would like to it's here but please read the rest of this blog first - it's got some really important information in it. Last week a BBC News article came out about my experiences of OCD and my work with Taming Olivia. It's spent a week now on the websites homepage and is still growing from strength to strength - I've been in touch with BBC 4 Women's Hour and an article about my experiences has just appeared in the Italian media. The word is spreading about the realities of OCD! I'm currently getting wonderful messages in from all over the world - it's an amazing position to be in and I feel very, very gra

Let's make some noise! Part I: The BJM article.

*** I should just state at the start of this that even if your OCD does not involve the perinatal period - this should still be helpful for you. OCD is OCD. 😊 *** Hey everyone! I recently wrote a piece on Perinatal OCD for the British Journal of Midwifery. Originally a subscription piece, they have kindly made it completely free for everyone to access and read. Last weeks BBC article was a fantastic awareness piece for the public and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to get my story out to the general population but it doesn't cover everything about the condition. This does. It took weeks to research, fact check, write and then edit. Thank you so much to the wonderful ladies at Maternal

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