Key Q's: Should I share my story? How do I deal with the media?

*** I've been asked these two questions a lot over the past few weeks - I hope this helps answer them!*** Should I share my story? We all spend a lot of time encouraging each other to talk about our experiences of living with OCD. We do this to stop people feeling alone, to give hope and to help with recovery. It makes me so proud to see the amazing conversations going on within our community. That being said, I recognise that it took me a very long time to even open up to my family about OCD, and then even longer to get medical help. It took years for me to be able to write anything about OCD and even longer to start sharing it. There is absolutely no pressure to share your story. You can h

Let's make some noise! Part III: A Tidal Wave of Change.

I've been in the most incredible position recently. Over the past few weeks I've heard from easily over a thousand other people living with OCD - that's a pretty special position to be in. Having spent over thirty years believing that I was the only one dealing with such debilitating symptoms it's made my year... sod it... lifetime to hear from so many others with very similar stories. I've learnt such a lot from your messages and feel so proud to be part of such a kind, supportive and kick-ass community. I thought to round up this series of blogs, I'd share some of the things I've learnt over the past month. I've learnt such a lot, from the messages I've received all the way through to ever

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