OCD Game Changers: My Talk

Hi everyone! Last Saturday I got to take part in the OCD Gamechangers event in London. It was amazing. The picture above is us in the backstage room waiting to go on. I'm with the wonderful Chrissie Hodges, Stuart Ralph and Matt Shoobridge - all three are totally amazing advocates. I've put links to their work and websites at the bottom of the page. I was asked to speak for the event, and because I've spoken about my experiences with OCD much in the past - and most people know it already - I chose to quickly skim over that part and focus on my recovery and the things I've learnt in the years since therapy. It's designed to be discussed as a list, hence the jumping of topics. I know lots of p

Campaigns: How you can help!

Hey everyone! It's been a while since I've had a chance to update my blog but hopefully, if you follow me on social media, you'll have seen all the brilliant things that have been happening in our awesome community. I had a wonderful summer holiday which gave me lots of time to recharge and it's a good thing I did because the for the past few weeks I've been back into advocacy on an almost full-time basis. It's a really exciting time for OCD awareness! I've been thinking about a few things that might help even more with awareness and I'd really like to share them with you. I want to say before I even start, that there's absolutely no pressure to get involved in any of this - self care come f

London, UK

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