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Light and Shadow


Olivia hanging with her many Monster Mates


This is the place for you to share your own creations.

Taming Olivia is all about using Olivia to help practice compassion, love and acceptance.

She also helps to externalise my condition.

Do you have a character that helps you do the same? One that helps you to practice love, compassion and acceptance? Or do they help you to separate yourself from a difficult set of symptoms? If you do, send it to me and I'll add it to the gallery!


You can use any creative outlet you like; drawing, painting, poetry, creative writing, etc but please make sure that:


  • If they aren't in pictorial form, that the character is described in your written piece. 

  • That it focuses on the helpful skills you are developing. 

If you feel comfortable to share your story and would like me to add it on here please get in contact with me. 

Cat x

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