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A Quick Dose of Inspiration

Hi everyone, here we are again!

I initially tried to get this into a social media post but it became a little too wordy (that won't be a surprise to many of you who follow my posts!) so I thought I'd add it here as a mini-blog of sorts.

I'd like to focus on what helps us when we need a quick little 'pick me up' or a short, sharp burst of inspiration.

When we are feeling low, and have some time, we can dig out exercises to do, we can read blogs or books or online forums; we can put into place a thousand and one self-care choices and that's brilliant, we should do that.

But what about if we're on the go? Or out and about? If we're busy, with very little time or a long to-do list, where can we get that quick and effective boost from?

A few friends of mine from the OCD community have tattoos with helpful statements on - 'just a thought' for example. Others have it on jewellery that they wear and look at whenever they need a reminder. I know for some people it' s a photograph of loved ones or small quote cards that they carry in their wallets. Maybe some have a particular song, or item of clothing, or aroma that as soon as they listen to, wear, or smell, they immediately feel energised and positive.

For me, as a visual person, I tend to get boosts from things that I can see.

Meet my kind of Red Riding Hood

I'm not a massive art appreciator, but this piece by Lora Zombie stopped me in my tracks. It reminds me so much of the relationship between me and Olivia:

  • I love the way Red Riding Hood is prepared for battle but doesn't have the gun aimed - a full on attack is not her first choice of defence.

  • The wolf looks inquisitive and almost a little apprehensive. Despite being powerful, he - I'm going with the fact the wolf is a he - doesn't look like he's on the attack. (William actually said he liked the wolf because he thought it looked lonely, which apart from blowing me away with such an incredible observation, I realised afterwards is another link to Olivia being vulnerable!)

  • It's hard to read Red Riding Hoods facial expression and therefore difficult to predict what her next move is. She's calm but wary, it's almost like she's patiently sussing him out. This really reminds me of when I use mindfulness to try to 'observe the thoughts and feelings I'm having without judgement'.

Ultimately this image makes me feel happy. It makes me feel strong, determined and capable. I only have to look at it to get a boost and although it's on a wall in my house, if I'm out and about, I've got a picture of it on my phone that I can look at whenever I want.

I don't use it all the time, but I know it's there as something that can pick me up if I need it and want to channel my inner Red Riding Hood.

I'll stop now before I get too carried away but hopefully you see my point. This incredible picture makes me feel good, it encourages me to feel hopeful, and to top it all off, it reinforces my Olivia strategy which works well for me.

Do you have something that gives you that quick burst of happiness, inspiration or strength? If you don't yet, maybe have a think about implementing one. It wont take a lot of effort but could help you out time and time again!

All the best

Catherine x

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