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  • Catherine Benfield

The OCD Stories

Hi there!

I recently had an absolutely brilliant chat with Stuart Ralph of The OCD Stories.

We covered loads of different subjects so even though my story focuses on Perinatal OCD there will be lots of interesting and helpful snippets for anyone. It has some light humorous parts too which is something I love about it.

  • Here's a list of just some of the things we cover:

  • intrusive thoughts - intrusive impulses

  • recovery - including cbt, erp, helping yourself, self esteem, self compassion, self love, creativity

  • how to encourage people to ask for help

  • reaching out when you’re worried about the nature of your thoughts

  • my ocd story and advice for new parents

  • the creation of Taming Olivia and my hopes for the future.

I’ve had to check twice now that this is real and that I actually have taken part in an episode of The OCD Stories podcast and not just dreamed it! 😊

I really hope it helps! ❤️

Here it is!

Loads of love,

Catherine x

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