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Meet Ruji!

I've been talking about my OCD treatment for years and have always spoken openly about an amazing NHS psychotherapist who I met when I was at rock bottom and how instrumental she was towards my recovery.

I've been contacted by so many people asking for her contact details which I could never give because at the time she wasn't practicing.

Ruji and I parted ways in 2015 but we bumped into each other again at the OCD-UK conference in October which was a fantastic surprise. Ruji is now practising again and , as I learnt that day, Ruji also has lived experience of OCD - which probably goes some way towards explaining why she was so brilliant at helping me to treat mine.

Ruji now works in private practise and you can find her contact details here on her website. She has also written about her experiences with OCD for the OCD Action newsletter and taken part in an The OCD Stories podcast.

I hope this help! 😊

Catherine x

A note for transparency. Ruji and I didn't take this step lightly, I asked permission to be able to share her information and we both considered the ethical implications behind whether this post could actually take place before it was even written. Ruji was an incredible support for me and I still use the tools she taught me every single day - I'm unbelievably proud to be able to share them with you. 😊

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