Ok, for the legal stuff!


I am a qualified teacher which means I am able to talk about teaching and learning strategies until the cows come home and I use my knowledge of these to help me explain the processes I go through when dealing with my mental health conditions in the hope it makes it really clear for others to see. I am not a qualified doctor, therapist, psychiatrist or any other medical professional. I know these strategies because I attended therapy sessions with a professional. If you are struggling please, please seek professional help. I share this because I know how I felt when I was really low and would have given anything to see the kind of things other people did to help them recover and to know that I wasn't alone. So please, if you need help ask for it.


All advice and information on this site and the partnering sites including but not exclusive to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts (in future just referred to as partnering sites) is given in good faith and is based on sources that I believe to be reliable and accurate at the time of release on the site and the partnering sites. I set up Taming Olivia as a way of sharing my own experiences, what I've learned from them, and helping others, but it is not meant as a replacement for professional medical advise or treatment and therefore I, Catherine Benfield, do not accept legal liability or responsibility for the content of the advice or information or any consequences arising from its use.

A change in circumstances after a document is placed on this site and partnering sites may impact on the accuracy of the information. As well as this, materials may be maliciously vandalised. I cannot ensure the accuracy of any information or advice contained after publication on this site or partnering sites


Occasionally specific research will be presented in blogs and posts as a way of investigating certains areas of OCD, e.g. types of treatments and this material on this site and partnering sites may reflect the views or recommendations of third parties which do not necessarily reflect my views, nor indicate a commitment to a particular course of action.

The information provided on this site is provided for information purposes only and I am not trained in medicine, psychotherapy or in any other way that qualifies me to advise you on. If you are a patient using this site, or have either been diagnosed with a mental health condition or suspect you may have one, you should seek assistance from a health care professional when interpreting these materials and applying them to your individual circumstances. If you have any concerns about your health, please consult your general practitioner.

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