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A father in self-imposed exile to shield his family from the emotionally destructive intrusive thoughts he cannot escape.


Hi, I'm Catherine.

Author of the Taming Olivia  and Executive Producer of Waving.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

is an often misunderstood and debilitating condition. It can leave those who suffer from it, and those who live with them, feeling overwhelmed and alone.


is an attempt to portray the brutal realities of the condition whilst maintaining a sense of hope that help can be found when we talk about what hurts us.

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The film started the festival circuit during the Summer of 2022.

Public release expected late in 2023.

 Follow our social to keep in touch and for screening dates.

WAVING was shown at the...

2022 - Stiges Film Festival / North East International Film Festival / London Global Lift Off

2023 - Cinema On The Bayou / Austin Revolution / Dam Short Film Festival / Idyllwild International Film Festival / Manchester (MANIFF) / New Renaissance Film Festival / Scotland International Festival of Cinema / Kino London Short Film Festival / Sunscreen Film Festival (Florida) / Screen ATX (Austin, Texas) / Brighton Rocks International Film Festival / Romford Film Festival (London, UK) / Believe Psychology Film Festival (LA, USA) / Ignite Film Festival (Swindon, UK) / Brighton Rocks (Brighton, UK) / Wyoming International Film Festival (Wyoming, USA)


WAVING will be shown at the...  


Ferrara (Italy) - Friday 22nd September at 18:30 Teatro Nuovo Theatre

Short Film Focus (London) - Sat 16th to Sunday 24th Sept

Tirana (Albania) - Oscar qualifying Tuesday 26th September

Norwich (UK) - BAFTA qualifying
Torino(Italy) - Tuesday 26th Sept @ 17:30 in Cinema Baretti, Turin.

Ferrara (Italy) - Friday 22nd September at 18:30 Teatro Nuovo Theatre

Reel Recovery Film Festival (LA, USA) - 24th to 26th October. Screening date/time TBC.

FilmQuest (Utah) - Fest is between 26th Oct and 4th Nov in Utah

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One of the best ways you can support Waving is by leaving your thoughts on the film below. We'd love to hear from you! Please note that your comments may be used for promotional purposes. Anonymous comments are very welcome too. 


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Girl in Red

We at Biohaven are so honoured to support the making of the film “Waving”.  There is an extreme need for education around Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, accurately portraying the symptoms and how severe and debilitating it can be.  This film depicts the intensity and torment that affects those with OCD and their loved ones, in a way that leaves you speechless.  Waving is a giant creative step in bringing attention to the necessary importance for earlier and accurate diagnoses, and better more effective treatments. Psychiatric illnesses need to be better understood to help destigmatize those in need and the world around them. At Biohaven we continue this fight, working diligently to find new treatments for OCD as well as other neurological and psychiatric illnesses. We hope this film touches you as deeply as it has touched us.

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