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TAMING OLIVIA is run with integrity and honesty and because of that I'd like to include the following information. 

I use the money I earn in paid work on creating resources for Taming Olivia and at the minute I can just about cover this. In the future, I hope to get helpful worksheets and books printed and into the hands of vulnerable people in hospitals and our kids in schools for free. These resources need to be easily accessible for those who need it most. As this grows, I will need more funding in order to print and publish more resources. This is the reason why some of my work is paid for. I would love nothing more than to give away everything I make fore free but, sadly at the minute, it’s just not doable. For Taming Olivia to grow, and for it to help more people, there needs to be a source of income. I will post about free donations and give always as a way of celebrating this process and so as to hold myself accountable. I want Taming Olivia to be as transparent as possible. If you would like to help with funding please contact me at the address below or please use the Support Our Work button.

  • I am not a therapist, OCD/ mental health coach or medical professional. I've seen some seriously bad practice over my years of advocacy and know how important it is to get proper professional help if you are struggling. To find out more about looking after yourself when looking for help please see this post.  

  • I am a qualified teacher so am qualified to talk about learning styles and how best to learn. I am qualified to develop and teach my own schemes of work about things like well-being and self-care strategies.

  • I am always extremely careful about who we work with and whose work I share. Ethics and integrity is always chosen over exposure and/or financial gain. Please rest assured every choice I make here will be done with the utmost of care. I've built up a bank of medical professionals who I trust over the years and I will seek their opinions if I am in need of clarification on anything.

  • If you have any more questions for me regarding Taming Olivia or the points above please feel very free to contact me!  

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