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helping  to insert kindness, creativity and compassion into OCD recovery

Shortlisted for the NHS Who Cares Wins Award - Mental Health Hero

Who am I?

Hi, I'm Catherine, I live in London with my husband, son and two cats and I have OCD. That’s not how I usually introduce myself but it’s important here. I’ve had OCD since early childhood but didn’t receive a diagnosis or treatment until 2013 - I was 33 – and by that point OCD had impacted every part of my life and had cost me an unimaginable amount. But enough about that because 2013 was also the year my life started again. I’m well most of the time, and I’m living life according to my values.


What do I do?

Advocacy has been a major part of both my recovery and my life in general since 2017 - the year the world’s most sensitive, compassionate and annoying sidekick, Olivia, was born – and I haven’t looked back since. My work with Olivia has allowed me to view myself, my condition, and my recovery with compassion. It has taught me self-love and the importance of self-care. Taming Olivia is about inserting kindness, creativity and compassion into OCD recovery.

What's on the site?

Taming Olivia!

This section houses an introduction to Olivia, my husband (who creates all the wonderful artwork for the website), and me! You’ll find links to all the places we’ve appeared internationally and the gallery – where people send in their own representations of OCD.  

The Blog

This is my baby. Read all about me, Olivia and our recovery journey. Learn loads about OCD and helpful recovery ideas.

Information and Resources

You’ll find important information on how to get support and help whether you have OCD, or are supporting someone with OCD. They are split into sections for Parents/Carers with OCD, young people with OCD, and people caring for those with OCD. There a special section dedicated for Perinatal OCD too.


What are we currently involved in?

 -  currently the executive producer for Waving coming 2022. A short film about the reality of living with upsetting intrusive thoughts.

-  supporting the 'For Want of A Nail' team with an exciting new development on their short film about OCD.

- volunteering for a range of UK and international OCD charities including the wonderful OCD Action, Maternal OCD and OCD       Gamechangers.

- speaking in conferences and writing about OCD for international organisations, charities and the media

-  sharing our story with international press

Here's just some of the places we've appeared:

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More than anything, I hope that this site helps those that are suffering to get relief. And I include those living with someone with OCD as well as those of us with it - it is a condition that effects the whole family. Whether you're just reading the blog, or using the information sections, or having a go at creating your own little Olivia, I really hope it helps.

I also hope that we help to spread an awareness and knowledge of OCD to the world both so we can destroy the stigma and misunderstanding that surrounds around his often debilitating and isolating illness and also so that we can catch those who are suffering yet still don't know they have OCD. We also hope we help you to feel confident enough to reach out to someone who understands and to being taking the steps into treatment. 


To those awesome, AWESOME, people dealing with OCD, I want you to know that it is possible to live a happy and fulfilling life even if some OCD symptoms are still present. 

Welcome! Please feel very free to say hi below!

Lots of love everyone. 

Catherine x  ​

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