Meet Pete...





... Taming Olivia's resident illustrator!


I hit a pretty big snag during the initial planning phase of bringing Olivia to the outside world. And that was even though my drawing isn't bad, I didn’t think I’d be able to do Olivia justice for the things I had planned for her. I wanted her represented exactly how she was in my head through a range of different activities and emotions. In short, I needed a professional!


That’s where my husband Pete came in. Having recently become a self-employed artist, he didn't really have an excuse to turn down the offer to be the site's illustrator (although I believe he spent quite a while trying to come up with one!). 

This collaboration has had an amazing impact on my recovery.  Pete has always been brilliant at understanding my condition and supported me through even the toughest of times, and working together on the photographic/ illustration side of the website has taken this to a whole new level. 


It thanks to him that Olivia looks as awesome as she does!