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A picture of Pete and Cat


resident illustrator!

Olivia poking out behind Pete with here finger to her lips - shhhhhh.

Also known us my husband Pete. Pete loves being creative. As well as drawing he can usually be found rooting around various skips looking for something that he can use to make something with. He is ridiculously talented and it's thanks to him that both Olivia and the website look as good as they do. 


Pete has been my rock the whole way through my dealings with OCD. He has held my hand on the way to worrying GP appointments, he's sat up late into the night doing recovery work with me and he has been endlessly patient - we had years where OCD meant cancelled plans and life being put on hold.  I owe him so much. Pete is building up his own art website at the minute. If you can, please consider supporting him and checking it out here. 

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