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An open chat about OCD with Steve Brumwell

Updated: 3 days ago

Me and Steve sitting on sofas and smiling to the camera

As part of OCD awareness week I was asked to guest host an episode of The OCD Stories by the wonderful Stuart Ralph. I chose to chat about OCD with Steve Brumwell, writer and co-director of Waving - a film about the harrowing nature of graphic intrusive thoughts starring Ralph Ineson and Krissie Bohn.

I've been lucky enough, as executive producer, to work alongside Steve on the film and know that he has such brilliant things to share about OCD.

It's very honest and raw so please keep this in mind when listening. You can find it here.

Loads of love everyone,

I hope it helps,

Cat xx

For more news and updates on Waving Please visit our wonderful Waving page packed full of info about the film and our upcoming screenings. There's loads of behind the scene pics too!

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