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Taming Olivia: Podcasts about OCD

Updated: Sep 27

Olivia in a neon lit room speaking into a mic.

Taming Olivia has appeared on a wide range of podcasts over the years! We're so grateful for the opportunity to have talked about OCD with so many incredible people. This is the bog that will hold the links to all of the podcasts and it'll be updated every time a new one comes out, so please keep checking back!

They go in reverse chronological order so the first are at the bottom and the most recent at the top!

We hope they help!

A List of Podcasts about OCD featuring Taming Olivia

The Turban Thinker Podcast - with Asil Attar

A two-way conversation about OCD with global fashion expert and CEO Asil Attar. Part 1 of 3

Social Change UK

A discussion on all things OCD!

Purely OCD - Lauren Rosen and Kelley Franke

A discussion about OCD and the role of 'urges'.

The OCD Chronicles - with James McMahon

Being A Parent with OCD

The Proper Mental Podcast - with Tom Davies

Chatting all things OCD, Taming Olivia and Waving

The OCD Stories - with Stuart Ralph

Perinatal and Postnatal OCD - a full discussion on perinatal OCD, my story and getting help.

Stigma Reduction, the BBC and OCD - discussing how to reduce the stigma surrounding OCD, the BBC article we appeared in and what we learned from the people who contacted us afterwards!

We've taken part in loads of conference talks and interviews too. To see the available recordings of those please check out this post!

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