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Waving Premieres in Sitges

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

A picture of Ralph Ineson in Waving with Olivia with a clapper board in front

We've been working on Waving behind the scenes for so long now, the fact we're now able to talk openly about it, and share pictures, is still sinking in. It's an incredible feeling.

Why is Waving Premiering in Sitges? What is Waving?

Waving is a short film about OCD and intrusive thoughts. It documents the experiences of a man dealing with the devastating impact of this condition, and its symptoms, on both himself and his family. Despite being a pretty difficult watch, Waving has a huge note of hope - an essential light in the darkness.

Just one of the incredible things about Waving is that Rolfin and Steve (Director and Writer) managed to secure the wonderful Ralph Ineson (Guardians of the Galaxy, The Witch, Chernobyl) to play the part of Charlie - our main character. From the start Ralph understood the importance of the film and he has been incredible both in front and behind the scenes.

I joined the crew after Steve got in touch and I had a meeting with both him and Rolfin, I loved the script and joined immediately.

Waving grew in front of our very eyes. The amazing Ethan Smith (IOCDF advocate and actor/producer in his own right) came on board as an executive producer alongside me, Girl in Red agreed to let us use her song Rue for the ending credits. It was unbelievable to watch the way the project padded out and came to life.

We filmed at two locations - RAF Upwood in Cambridgeshire and Hembsy Beach in Norfolk. It was December - and freezing! We met the most amazing people along the way.

There are two parts to Waving - one, the fact that it is an incredible film in its own right and two, the fact it is going to be an impactful resource to teach people about OCD. Our website has been specifically designed to provide signposting for people who may realise they have OCD for the first time whilst watching the film.

If you'd like to hear more about Waving, here's a chat between me and writer Steve. Also, please check out our social media platforms to get updates. Also, please out the Waving website here.

Waving in Sitges

Before its general release, Waving is making its way through the film festival circuit. A few weeks ago we found out that it had been accepted into the Sitges Film Festival and so Rolfin, Steve and I travelled there last week for the films premiere.

Sitges is beautiful and the whole town is dedicated to the festival.

Steve, Rolfin and Cat posing with the Sitges Film Festival sign at Sitges Beach

Cat, Rolfin and Steve on the red carpet at the Sitges Film Festival

I don't think anything could have readied me for watching it on the big screen and we got wonderful feedback. It was also a great opportunity to spend some quality time with Steve and Rolfin.

The Waving premiere in Sitges also marked the first time I'd ever travelled to another country alone but I'll talk about that in a separate post. That's a WHOLE other story! :)

Supporting Waving

Waving is a huge OCD and mental health community project. And the more people we have supporting it, the more people it will go on to help. Please let us know how you think the film will help with breaking down stigma at the bottom of this page on our website here. And please follow us on social media. We'd love to be able to drive this film into living rooms everywhere with the help of the OCD and mental health communities.

Private Screenings

At some point we will be offering a free private screening of Waving for people dealing with OCD. It's important that we do this properly so we will be working alongside the charities. Keep an eye our for updates via our website and social media pages too!

Going forward

Waving will be working its way through the film festival circuit until next summer. What happens to it then is yet to be decided, but we do know that it's end point will be that it will be given out freely to anyone who needs it. We want it to educate and inform the world about the reality of OCD and distressing intrusive thoughts.

Visit to see behind the scenes shots, get information about upcoming screenings and to meet the team behind the film.

Sending loads of love everyone,

Cat x x

The Taming Olivia Newsletter!

We bring out a monthly newsletter that contains a whole world of information about OCD, Taming Olivia, the OCD community, helpful freebie play sheets to help you practice new skills, and updates about our multi-award-winning film about OCD and intrusive thoughts, Waving. If you fancy joining our wonderful Taming Olivia Community please sign up on the home page.

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